Deutsche Bank

Annual Report 2017

Short-term Liquidity and Wholesale Funding

Deutsche Bank tracks all contractual cash flows from wholesale funding sources, on a daily basis, over a 12-month horizon. For this purpose, we consider wholesale funding to include unsecured liabilities raised primarily by Treasury Pool Management, as well as secured liabilities raised by our Corporate & Investment Bank Division. Our wholesale funding counterparties typically include corporates, banks and other financial institutions, governments and sovereigns.

The Group has implemented a set of Management Board-approved limits to restrict the Bank’s exposure to wholesale counterparties, which have historically shown to be the most susceptible to market stress. The wholesale funding limits are monitored daily, and apply to the total combined currency amount of all wholesale funding currently outstanding, both secured and unsecured with specific tenor limits covering the first 8 weeks. Our Liquidity Reserves are the primary mitigant against potential stress in short-term wholesale funding markets.

The tables in section “Liquidity Risk Exposure: Funding Diversification” show the contractual maturity of our short-term wholesale funding and capital markets issuance.