Deutsche Bank

Annual Report 2017

Forfeiture Conditions / Clawback

Because some of the compensation components are deferred or spread out over several years (Restricted Incentive Awards and Restricted Equity Awards) certain forfeiture conditions are applicable until vesting or the end of the retention periods, in order to create a long-term incentive. Awards may be fully or partially forfeited, for example, due to individual misconduct (including a breach of regulations) or termination for cause, and also due to a negative Group result or individual negative contributions to results. In addition, the Restricted Equity Award will be forfeited completely if the statutory or regulatory minimum requirements for the core capital ratio are not met during this period.

The revision of the InstVV adopted in August 2017 provides inter alia that so-called “clawback provisions” are to be agreed with the members of the management body (Geschäftsleiter) of significant institutions. Contrary to the forfeiture conditions, this clause allows the Supervisory Board to reclaim already paid out or delivered compensation components in response to specific individual negative contributions to results made by the Management Board member. The Supervisory Board had already agreed on such a clause with the Management Board members on the basis of the InstVV draft, which is also in line with the insofar unmodified final version of the InstVV. Thereby, the Supervisory Board successfully fulfilled the obligation set forth in the InstVV to bring the service contracts concluded with the Management Board members in line with the new provisions of the InstVV. The clawback provision is applicable as of the 2018 performance year.