Treatment of other Material Risks

Concerning the key risks “Credit Risk”, “Market Risk”, “Operational Risk” and “Liquidity Risk” and their developments within the third quarter 2015, further details can be found in the specific sections of this Risk Report dedicated to the respective risks. With regard to the other material risks such as “Business Risk”, “Reputational Risk”, “Model Risk” and “Compliance Risk”, information concerning their definition, identification and management is contained in applicable sections of our Financial Report 2014 (please refer especially to the dedicated sections “Risk Inventory” and “Risk Management Framework – Material Risks”). The Regional Reputational Risk Committees (RRRCs), which are sub-committees of the Group Reputational Risk Committee (GRRC), have recently been established. The RRRCs are responsible for ensuring the oversight, governance and coordination of the management of reputational risk in the respective regions on behalf of the Management Board. Otherwise, there are no material changes concerning the treatment, management and reporting of these risks in comparison to the explanations and descriptions disclosed therein. All risks assessed as material are covered by the Internal Capital Adequacy Assessment Process as described in the section “Internal Capital Adequacy” of this report. Modeling and measurement approaches for quantifying capital and demand are implemented across major risk classes. Non-standard risks (reputational risk, model risk, compliance risk) are implicitly covered in our economic capital framework, primarily within operational and strategic risk.