Deutsche Bank

Annual Report 2015

Corporate Responsibility

Our approach to corporate responsibility is focusing on the three dimensions of sustainability to create economic, environmental and social value. It aims to set the direction for a future-orientated business strategy that balances economic success with environmental and social responsibility.

We are committed to the ten principles of the UN Global Compact and continuously strive to improve our sustainability performance by acting transparently, exploring new business opportunities arising from global trends such as climate change, and managing potential environmental and social risks from our core business. In addition, we manage our business operations sustainably e.g. by reducing CO2-emissions and committing to carbon neutrality. Our commitment extends well beyond our core business. As a corporate citizen, Deutsche Bank is uniquely positioned to bring to scale new ideas that address acute global challenges.

Please visit Deutsche Bank’s online “Corporate Responsibility Report” on and for more information on:

  • Environmental and social risks: Deutsche Bank’s approach to managing environmental and social (ES) risk is based on a policy framework, which forms part of our global Reputational Risk Framework. The ES Framework specifies the requirements for ES due diligence, and the criteria for mandatory referral to the Bank’s sustainability function. The number of transactions reviewed under this framework grew again in 2015 to 1,346 (2014: 1,250), demonstrating our ongoing effort to enhance governance and awareness around these risks. We continued to follow developments around the implementation of the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights (UNGP HR) and published a Human Rights Statement reflecting our long-standing commitment to respecting the Human Rights of our employees as well as of individuals, groups or communities that might be affected by our activities.
  • ESG factors in Asset Management: At the end of 2015, Deutsche Asset & Wealth Management managed assets of approximately € 7.7 billion invested on the basis of ESG criteria (2014: € 5.4 billion). To further build on this, a Center for Sustainable Finance has been established. It will focus on ESG-related research, policy recommendations and product innovation.
  • Tackling climate change: As of September 30, 2015, we provided € 4.8 billion in project finance for renewable energy generating more than 1,600MW. Furthermore, we fully support the Green Bond Principles and continued to be active in this market, supporting clients to issue € 4 billion. In addition, Deutsche Bank invested € 800 million into a portfolio of high quality Green Bonds, as part of its liquidity reserve investments. As 195 leaders signed an agreement on climate change at the United Nations Conference of the Parties in Paris, we also signed the “Paris Pledge for Action” committing us to accelerate the transformational changes needed to reduce global warming to within acceptable limits. Furthermore, Deutsche Bank became the first commercial bank to be accredited to act as implementing entity for the UN Green Climate Fund, which was established at the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change’s Conference of the Parties as the central global investment vehicle to combat climate change and its effects with a pledged capital of U.S.$ 10 billion (December 2015).
  • Carbon neutral operations: We continued to operate on a carbon neutral basis in 2015 by investing in energy efficiency projects, using renewable electricity, and offsetting unavoidable emissions by purchasing and retiring high-grade offset certificates.
  • Corporate Citizenship: As a responsible global corporate citizen, Deutsche Bank acts to enable communities and economies to prosper. We support education projects that empower the next generation to achieve their full potential and help to remove social and economic barriers that hold them back. We assist enterprises that help drive positive change in society to get off the ground and reach their next level. And we contribute to stronger and more inclusive communities through local provision for key concerns, and by enriching the cultural landscape. We do this together with like-minded partners from public and private sectors and with the commitment of our highly-skilled workforce. Public advocacy and employee engagement strengthen the impact of our programs.

With a total investment of € 76.8 million in 2015 (2014: € 80.5 million), Deutsche Bank and its foundations continue to be among the world’s most active corporate citizens. More than 4.7 million (2014: 5.8 million) people benefited from our initiatives, and we increased the reach of our Born to Be youth engagement program to 1.3 million people (2014: 1.2 million). 17,382 colleagues, 22 % of global staff, (2014: 16,864; 21 % of global staff) volunteered more than 185,000 hours of their time, skills, and expertise.