In order to ensure optimal access and usage of this site, the explanations given below shall introduce you to the various service features available. To facilitate orientation we have grouped the information according to major categories:

“Navigation” provides information on how to access different content areas of the report.

“Service functions” introduces service features that are offered beyond mere content.

“Page-specific features” offers information on features which are offered depending on the content of the respective page and are therefore not permanently available.



Click on the language selection to switch between the two language versions German and English of each page.


Here, we provide a description of the various ways of calling up the contents of the reports.

Navigating the report

Beside the usual menu tree the following additional navigation features are included:

  • Full text searching with search results shown
  • Links within text passages and HTML tables
  • Cross links within the report as well as links to related information outside of the report

Using the full text search, you can search through the reports for individual words and phrases. The text passages found are displayed in a overview page ranked by relevance. When you select a hit, the search term is highlighted on the page.

Enter a word or phrase in the search field. The word or phrase should be in the document or closely related to the information you are looking for. Start the search by hitting the Enter key.
If you do not use any quotation marks, all of the terms that have the same word segment as the search term will be found. Example: Searching for report shows reports and reporting.

Linear paging

An additional way of reading the report is to start from whatever page you have selected and to page forward or backward linearly through the entire report. The symbols "previous | next" attached to each individual page of the report make it possible to a page through the report in both directions.


The sitemap lists all of the pages available in the online report - including the directory structure - which can be called up with a click of the mouse.

Service functions

“Service functions” are tools and features that go beyond merely viewing the contents of the reports.


Under the download menu item, all of the PDF and Excel documents of the report are stored together with information specifying the number of pages and file sizes. These documents can be downloaded either as separate sections of the report/individual tables, or as an entire document/in a collected form in one single Excel file. Using the indexed table of contents, you can navigate easily through the contents of your “File Library”. Individual links connect you directly to the table you want, from where another link leads back to the table of contents.

Order Service 

You will be taken to the website of the respective company, where you may leave your contact details.

Info Services 

In order to keep track of developments in Investor Relations (IR), you may subscribe to the IR Info Service.

File Library 

Here you will find the PDF and Excel documents you have collected using a basket function for the collected download. With a click of the mouse, you will receive a compressed (.zip) collection of all the selected documents as a download.

Page-specific functions

Page-specific functions depend on the contents of the page currently displayed and, for this reason, not all functions are always available.


Click on this symbol to print out the contents of the current page. The print version is displayed in a new browser window.

E-mail (recommend page)

Click on this symbol to forward this page's URL via e-mail. The form necessary will open up in a new browser window.

PDF download

The contents of the currently displayed page will be shown in PDF format in a new browser window.

Excel download

The contents of the tables on the page can be viewed in Excel format in a new browser window.

Add file

This feature allows you to collect PDF and Excel files available for various pages and specify them for a collective download later in a ZIP file. You can view all of the files selected under “File Library”.

Compare to last year

Click on this symbol to have the contents of the corresponding page from last year's online report displayed in a new browser window.

Pop up

With the help of the “pop up” function, you can have especially large tables displayed in a new window in the original size. To print out or store these tables, please use the corresponding functions on the original page.