Credit related Commitments and Contingent Liabilities


In the normal course of business the Group enters regularly into irrevocable lending commitments as well as lending-related contingent liabilities consisting of financial and performance guarantees, standby letters of credit and indemnity agreements on behalf of its customers. Under these contracts the Group is required to perform under an obligation agreement or to make payments to the beneficiary based on a third party’s failure to meet its obligations. For these instruments it is not known to the Group in detail if, when and to what extent claims will be made. The Group considers these instruments in monitoring its credit exposure and may agree upon collateral to mitigate inherent credit risk. If the credit risk monitoring provides sufficient evidence of a loss from an expected claim, a provision is established and recorded on the balance sheet.

The following table shows the Group’s irrevocable lending commitments and lending-related contingent liabilities without considering collateral or provisions. It shows the maximum potential impact to the Group in the event that all of these liabilities must be fulfilled. The table does not show the expected future cash outflows from these obligations as many of them will expire without being drawn, arising claims will be honoured by the customers, or such claims may be recovered from proceeds from collateral obtained.

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Jun 30, 2014

Dec 31, 2013

Irrevocable lending commitments



Contingent liabilities