Deutsche Bank
Interim Report 2Q2014
Deutsche Bank Interim Report 2Q2014
Additional Equity Components

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Additional Equity Components

On May 20, 2014, Deutsche Bank AG placed Additional Tier 1 Notes (the “AT1 Notes” or “Notes”), amounting to € 3.5 billion. Warrants to subscribe a total of 30,250 shares, which had originally been attached to the Notes, were already detached by an initial subscriber.

The AT1 Notes constitute unsecured and subordinated notes of Deutsche Bank. The Notes bear interest on their nominal amount from the issue date to the first call date at a fixed annual rate. Thereafter the interest rate will be reset at five year intervals. Payments of interest are subject to cancellation, in whole or in part, and, if cancelled, are non-cumulative, and interest payments in the following years will not increase to compensate for any shortfall in interest payments in any previous year. The Notes do not have a maturity date. They are redeemable by Deutsche Bank at its discretion on the respective first call date and at five year intervals thereafter or in other limited circumstances. In each case, the Notes are subject to limitations and conditions as described in the terms and conditions for example, the Notes can be redeemed by Deutsche Bank at its discretion, in whole but not in part, for certain regulatory or taxation reasons. Any redemption is subject to the prior consent of the competent supervisory authority. The redemption amount and the nominal amount of the Notes may be written down upon the occurrence of a trigger event. A trigger event occurs if the Common Equity Tier 1 capital ratio, determined on a consolidated basis falls below 5.125 %. The Notes may also be written up, following a trigger event, subject to meeting certain conditions.