Impaired Loans

Credit Risk Management regularly assesses at each balance sheet date whether there is objective evidence that a loan or group of loans is impaired. A loan or group of loans is impaired and impairment losses are incurred if:

  • there is objective evidence of impairment as a result of a loss event that occurred after the initial recognition of the asset and up to the balance sheet date (“a loss event”). When making our assessment we consider information on such events that is reasonably available up to the date the financial statements are authorized for issuance in line with the requirements of IAS 10;
  • the loss event had an impact on the estimated future cash flows of the financial asset or the group of financial assets, and
  • a reliable estimate of the loss amount can be made at each reporting date.

Credit Risk Management’s loss assessments are subject to regular review in collaboration with Group Finance. The results of this review are reported to and approved by an oversight committee comprised of Group Finance and Risk senior management.