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Attracting and retaining employees who live the values

In 2014, to meet the bank’s junior talent needs, Deutsche Bank began to apply a more consistent approach to the hiring, training and management of graduates across different divisions and locations. The strategy aims to improve efficiency and position graduates employed by Deutsche Bank as a pool of talent for the future. Deutsche Bank invested in a number of universities in a variety of new or growing locations, thereby broadening reach and brand awareness among the target audience. In July 2014, 751 graduates joined the bank across all businesses and infrastructure functions, an increase of 19 % on 2013. Almost a quarter were hired in near-shore locations as a result of the bank’s location strategy and evolving footprint in locations such as Jacksonville (Florida, USA), Cary (North Carolina, USA), Moscow and Birmingham (UK). Another 522 interns participated in Deutsche Bank’s summer internship programs in 2014.

Increased participation in staff share purchase plan

Approximately 20,000 staff from 31 countries participated in Deutsche Bank’s Global Share Purchase Plan in 2014. In Germany, 56 % of the eligible workforce took part, along with more than 36 % of the employees in other countries where the plan is operated. The plan provides employees the opportunity to purchase Deutsche Bank shares in monthly installments. At the end of the purchase cycle, Deutsche Bank matches the acquired shares up to a maximum of ten free shares.

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