Embedding the bank’s values and beliefs in people processes

Deutsche Bank embedded its values and beliefs in its recruiting, interviewing and onboarding processes as well as in its development activities. In 2014, the performance management process was adapted further. Adherence to Deutsche Bank’s values and beliefs is now a determining factor not only for 50 % of an employee’s individual performance evaluation, but also for promotion decisions. Furthermore, elements of the compensation system were aligned to supporting, encouraging and rewarding the right behaviors, while sanctioning wrong behaviors. Key metrics related to Deutsche Bank’s values were integrated into the year-end compensation process for employees in all divisions and for the members of the Management Board. Also, the suspension, “red flag” and performance management processes were aligned to the disciplinary and year-end review processes.

At the same time, Deutsche Bank launched the “Living the Values” Awards in 2014, sponsored by the Co-CEOs, to recognize employees who achieve exceptional business outcomes while demonstrating the bank’s values. Nearly 100 nominations were made by senior managers globally and 10 teams received the inaugural award.

The Deutsche Bank People Survey provides valuable insights into employees’ understanding of the bank’s culture. 82 % of the respondents were familiar with the values and beliefs. These findings will continue to directly influence the bank’s agenda in 2015.

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