Staff numbers

With increasingly fierce competition worldwide, attracting and retaining the best talent has never been more important to Deutsche Bank. In an environment of rapid change, the bank aims to be an attractive global employer in the financial sector. The bank is pursuing this goal by implementing its strategic agenda of Human Resources initiatives, which encompass cultural transformation, diversity and inclusion as well as redesigning reward structures and fostering leadership and talent management.

In 2014, the number of staff employed on a full-time basis by Deutsche Bank Group decreased by 117 to 98,138. Adjusted for businesses acquired and sold, the number of full-time equivalent staff increased by 1,214. The regional structure of Deutsche Bank’s workforce was affected by the divestment of BHF-BANK in Germany. Excluding this effect, the percentage of the workforce employed in Germany remained broadly stable.

Staff numbers
Staff numbers (bar chart)
Regional deployment of staff
Regional deployment of staff (pie chart)

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