Diversity and inclusion make a real difference

Increased ratio of women in management positions

Increased ratio of women in management positions (bar chart)

Deutsche Bank recognizes the value of a diverse and inclusive organization. The bank embraces the opportunities and challenges represented by demographic changes. However, diverse teams can only perform to their full potential in a working environment founded on trust, respect and openness. The bank is therefore building awareness of the positive impact of inclusive leadership among its managers. To achieve this, diversity objectives for managers were formulated to foster diversity awareness and ensure investments are made in diverse talents.

In 2014, the bank conducted the workshop “Managing Unconscious Bias” for Managing Directors and Directors in additional locations in Germany, making it possible for more senior managers to participate. A renewed focus was placed on the global e-learning program “Great Minds Don’t Think Alike – The Power of Different Perspectives”. Over 6,000 employees have already participated.

In the year under review, Deutsche Bank increased female representation in senior management positions further, most notably by appointing two female executives to the Group Executive Committee. Furthermore, programs to increase the number of women in leadership positions continue to be key elements of the bank’s diversity strategy. 42 women have participated in the award winning ATLAS (Accomplished Top Leaders Advancement Strategy) program for female Managing Directors since it was launched in 2009: 56 % of the active alumni have been promoted at least once, and 13 women are now members of global or regional executive committees. In June 2014, 37 female Directors participated in the fifth Deutsche Bank Women Global Leaders program at the INSEAD Business School.

Along with other DAX companies, Deutsche Bank signed a voluntary declaration in 2011, undertaking to increase the proportion of female senior managers (Managing Director and Director level) to 25 %, and for all officer titles to 35 %, by the end of 2018, subject to applicable laws worldwide. In line with its overall diversity strategy and supported by this commitment, the bank is recruiting more female managers at the supervisory board and senior management levels. Since 2010, the number of female Managing Directors and Directors has increased by around 260 (+17 %), while the number of female officers has risen by around 2,200 (+18 %) and reached a share of 19.4 % and 31.7 %, respectively. With the “Women on Boards” initiative, the proportion of female members on regional advisory boards increased to 8.5 % in 2014 and thus doubled since the launch of the initiative in 2011. Female supervisory board membership has remained unchanged.

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