Business Combinations completed in 2012

In 2012, the Group did not undertake any acquisitions accounted for as business combinations.

Acquisitions and Dispositions of Noncontrolling Interests while Retaining Control

During 2014, the Group did not engage in acquisitions or dispositions of noncontrolling interests while retaining control over the related subsidiaries. In 2013, Deutsche Bank completed acquisitions and dispositions of noncontrolling interests related to its investments in subsidiaries where the Group is not the sole owner and which did not result in the loss of control over the respective subsidiaries. In accordance with IFRS 10, they were accounted for as equity transactions between the Group and outside shareholders with no gain or loss recognized in the Group’s income statement. The total consideration transferred in 2013 on these transactions amounted to € 11 million. The carrying amounts of the related controlling and noncontrolling interests were adjusted to reflect the changes regarding the Group’s interests in these subsidiaries. Any difference between the fair values of the consideration transferred or received and the amounts by which the noncontrolling interests were adjusted is recognized directly in shareholders’ equity.

The following table summarizes the aggregated effect of changes in the Group’s ownership interests recorded for these subsidiaries during 2013 and 2014.

in € m.



Deutsche Bank’s ownership interests as of beginning of the period



Net increase in Deutsche Bank’s ownership interests



Deutsche Bank’s share of net income or loss



Deutsche Bank’s share of other comprehensive income



Deutsche Bank’s share of other equity changes



Deutsche Bank’s ownership interests at the end of the period



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