Management Board Report and Disclosure

Management Board Report and Disclosure – Employee pyramid (graphics)

Compensation System for Management Board Members


The Supervisory Board as a plenary body is responsible for the structuring of the compensation system for the members of the Management Board as well as for determining their individual compensation. As of the 2014 financial year, the Supervisory Board is supported by the Compensation Control Committee. The requirement to establish this additional Committee from Supervisory Board members is a result of the regulatory approaches under CRD 4. This Directive has been refined and transposed into German law by the CRD 4 Implementation Act by way of amendments to the German Banking Act (Kreditwesengesetz – KWG) and revised versions of the InstitutsVergV at the national level.

As required by law, the Compensation Control Committee comprises four members, of which at least one must have sufficient expertise and professional experience in the area of risk management and risk controlling and at least one other must be an employee representative. With regard to the Management Board, the Compensation Control Committee has assumed the essential functions, previously carried out by the Chairman’s Committee, in particular, supporting and monitoring the Supervisory Board in the appropriate structuring of the compensation system, as well as preparing the resolutions of the Supervisory Board regarding individual compensation.

Approval of the compensation system by the General Meeting

The Supervisory Board regularly reviews the compensation system for the members of the Management Board. In the case of a change or restructuring of the compensation framework, the Supervisory Board uses the possibility provided in the German Act on the Appropriateness of Management Board Remuneration (Gesetz zur Angemessenheit der Vorstandsvergütung – VorstAG) for the General Meeting to approve the system of compensation for Management Board members. Most recently, in May 2013, the General Meeting approved a new compensation system for the members of the Management Board by a large majority of 88.71 % retroactive to January 1, 2013.

New regulatory and statutory requirements

The regulatory approaches under CRD 4 also create new challenges for the design of compensation systems. The requirements apply for the first time to the Management Board compensation that is determined for the 2014 financial year. A material element of the regulatory provisions is the limit on the ratio of fixed to variable compensation of 1:1 (cap regulation), i.e. the amount of variable compensation must not exceed that of fixed compensation. The thought behind this is that excessively high variable compensation could create an increased incentive to enter into inappropriately high risks.

Retaining the approved system under the new statutory requirements would make it necessary to increase the fixed compensation and thus to significantly raise the directly payable cash component. However, lawmakers have also stipulated that shareholders can resolve to soften the requirement by setting the ratio of fixed to variable compensation to 1:2.

In May 2014, the General Meeting made use of this statutory possibility and approved the before-mentioned setting to 1:2 with a large majority of 90.84 %. As a result, the increase in fixed costs will be minimized and greater flexibility will be preserved in the composition of total compensation within the present system. In addition, the contributions to the company pension plan have been modified to be able to include them in the calculation of the 1:2 ratio (which further reduces the need to increase fixed compensation) and thus to avoid undesirable cost increases relating to pension benefits.

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