Deferral Schedule

Regulatory requirements dictate that deferral periods for Material Risk Takers should be a minimum of three years. As in previous years, we have chosen to apply these minimum requirements to all employees with deferred awards. We have also once more identified a subset of our most senior MRTs. This Senior Management Group (consisting of 139 employees) are subject to a 4.5 year (cliff vest) deferral period in respect of their REA. This is intended to ensure more than any other employees they have a vested interest in the long-term, sustained performance of the Bank.

A six month retention period also applies following the vesting of each REA tranche for MRTs. For the Senior Management Group, the six month retention period follows the 4.5 year vesting period. As such, they will not realise any of the value of their 2015 REA until at least February 2020 (five years following grant).

All MRTs also receive 50 % of their upfront award in the form of an EUA. The EUA is vested at grant, however it is subject to a six month retention period during which time forfeiture provisions are applicable (this goes beyond regulatory requirements).

Below is a summary of the vesting structure for each population of employees with a deferred award (excluding the Management Board).

Structure for 2014 deferred compensation
Structure for 2014 deferred compensation (graphics)

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