Private & Business Clients Corporate Division

Corporate Division Overview

PBC operates under a single retail banking business model across Europe and selected Asian markets. PBC serves retail and affluent clients as well as small and medium sized business customers.

The PBC Corporate Division comprises three business units under one strategic steering, supported by a joint services and IT platform:

  • Private & Commercial Banking, which comprises all of PBC’s activities in Germany under the Deutsche Bank brand;
  • Advisory Banking International, which covers PBC’s activities in Europe (outside Germany) and Asia including our stake in and partnership with Hua Xia Bank; and
  • Postbank, which comprises, among other businesses, Postbank, norisbank and BHW.

PBC continued to focus on realizing potential from the Private & Commercial Banking business unit by leveraging the integrated commercial banking coverage model for small and medium sized corporate clients. This enables us to capture new opportunities from small and medium sized business clients by improving PBC’s client proximity and cross-divisional collaboration leveraging the expertise of Deutsche Bank Group.

In Continental Europe we operate our Advisory Banking International business unit in five major banking markets: Italy, Spain, Poland, Belgium and Portugal. In Asia, India and China are our core markets. In India, PBC operates a branch network of seventeen branches supported by a mobile sales force. In China, we hold a 19.99 % stake in the Hua Xia Bank, with which we have a strategic partnership and cooperation agreement.

Postbank continues to operate in the market with its own brand. We continued our integration of Postbank into PBC and we seek to significantly strengthen our joint business model and to generate revenue and cost synergies.

We have made the following significant capital expenditures or divestitures since January 1, 2012:

In October 2014, we contributed ownership of the real estate of 90 retail banking branches in Italy to a closed-end institutional real estate fund, “Italian Banking Fund (IBF)” managed by Hines Italy SGR. The contributed real estate had a total value of € 134 million and will mostly be leased back for a period of at least 12 years.

In May 2014, we completed the sale of a 20.2 % stake in Deutsche Herold AG to Zürich Beteiligungs AG, a subsidiary of Zurich Insurance Group AG. Deutsche Bank acquired the 20.2 % stake from a third party immediately ahead of selling it to Zurich. 15.2 % of the disposal to Zurich was based on a share purchase agreement that was entered into by DB and Zurich in 2001. The remaining 5.0 % stake was sold due to Zurich exercising a call option.

In March 2012, Postbank and our wholly owned subsidiary DB Finanz-Holding GmbH (“DB Finanz-Holding”) agreed to enter into a domination and profit and loss transfer agreement according to Section 291 of the German Stock Corporation Act, with DB Finanz-Holding as controlling company and Postbank as dependent. The agreement became effective in June 2012 and reached final legal validity on September 11, 2012. The share in Postbank held at the end of 2014 is 94.1 %.

In February 2012, we exchanged a mandatorily-exchangeable bond issued by Deutsche Post in February 2009 into 60 million Postbank shares (and cash) and one day later Deutsche Post exercised its option to sell to us an additional 12.1 % of the share capital in Postbank. Together with shares held at this point in time, our ownership in Postbank increased to 93.7 %.

Products and Services

PBC offers a similar range of banking products and services throughout Europe and Asia, with some variations among countries that are driven by local market, regulatory and customer requirements.

We offer Investment and Insurance, Mortgages, Business Products, Consumer Finance, Payments, Cards & Accounts, Deposits and mid-cap related products provided by other divisions as part of our mid-cap joint venture, as well as postal services and non-bank products in Postbank.

Our investment products cover the full range of brokerage products (equities, bonds), mutual/closed-end funds (single- and multi-assets), structured products as well as discretionary portfolio management and securities custody services. In addition we provide life- and non-life insurance products as well as corporate pension schemes to our clients.

We offer standard to complex mortgage solutions and our mortgage product portfolio is complemented by publicly subsidized mortgages, mortgage brokerage and mortgage-related insurance. Our business products focus on managing transactions, risk and liquidity for our clients. In commercial banking and international services we optimize cash flow and market volatility for our clients and support their business expansions. In addition our loan product offering consists of personal installment loans, credit lines and overdrafts as well as point of sale (POS) business.

Our payments, cards and account products provide domestic, international and SEPA payments, debit, credit and prepaid cards as well as current accounts for private clients and business clients. Our deposits portfolio consists of sight deposits, term deposits and savings.

Our lending businesses are subject to our credit risk management processes. Please see the “Monitoring Credit Risk” and “Main Credit Exposure Categories” sections in the Risk Report.

Distribution Channels and Marketing

In following a client-centric banking approach, we seek to optimize the interaction with our customers as well as the accessibility and availability of our services. PBC uses a broad multi-channel approach to serve its customers and distribute financial solutions depending on local strategic positioning and business model.

  • Branches: Within our branches, we generally offer the entire range of products and advice.
  • Financial Agents: In most countries, we additionally market our retail banking products and services through self-employed financial agents.
  • Customer Contact Centers: Our Customer Contact Centers provide clients with remote services (i.e., account information, securities brokerage) supported by automated systems.
  • Online and Mobile Banking: On our websites, we offer clients a broad variety of relevant product information and services including interactive tools, tutorials and rich media content. We provide a high performing transaction-platform for banking, brokerage and self-services, combined with a highly frequented multi-mobile offering for smartphones and tablets. Moreover, we further invest in improvements of selected digital capabilities. This digitization program is being rolled out in all our businesses.
  • Self-service Terminals: These terminals support our branch network and allow clients to withdraw and transfer funds, receive custody account statements and make appointments with our financial advisors.

Moreover, we enter into country-specific distribution and cooperation arrangements. In Germany, we maintain cooperation partnerships with companies such as DP DHL (Postbank cooperation) and Deutsche Vermögensberatung AG (DVAG). With DVAG, we distribute our mutual funds and other banking products through DVAG’s independent distribution network. In order to complement our product range, we have signed distribution agreements, in which PBC distributes the products of product suppliers. These include an agreement with Zurich Financial Services for insurance products, and product partnerships with thirteen fund companies for the distribution of their investment products.

To achieve a strong brand position internationally, we market our services consistently throughout the European and Asian countries we consider to be part of our strategic focus.