Corporate Banking & Securities Corporate Division

Corporate Division Overview

CB&S is made up of the business divisions Corporate Finance and Markets. These businesses offer financial products worldwide including the underwriting of stocks and bonds, trading services for investors and the tailoring of solutions for companies’ financial requirements.

The CB&S businesses are supported by the Credit Portfolio Strategies Group (CPSG), which has responsibility for a range of loan portfolios and, from 2013, centralized the hedging of certain uncollateralized counterparty derivative exposures, actively managing the risk of these through the implementation of a structured hedging regime.

As part of the ongoing optimization of our business model, in response to the changing market and regulatory environment, we continued to evaluate our business portfolio, adapting it to reflect current market opportunities and meet client needs. In that context, at the end of 2014, we announced the cessation of most trading in single name credit default swaps (CDS) and physical precious metals.

During the fourth quarter of 2013, the decision was taken to scale down and discontinue elements of the commodities business. The portfolios containing discontinued activities were aggregated under the Special Commodities Group (SCG), which was subsequently transferred from CB&S to NCOU in the first quarter of 2014. SCG contains assets, liabilities and contingent risks related to Energy, Agriculture, Base Metals and Dry Bulk exposures. The continued commodities business remains in CB&S.

Effective in November 2012, following a comprehensive strategic review of the Group’s organizational structure, CB&S was realigned as part of the Group’s new banking model. This realignment covered three main aspects: the transfer of non-core assets (namely correlation and capital intensive securitization positions, monoline positions, and IAS 39 reclassified assets) to the NCOU; the transfer of passive and third-party alternatives businesses, such as ETF’s, into the newly integrated Deutsche AWM Corporate Division; and a refinement of coverage costs between CB&S and GTB.

We have made the following significant capital expenditures or divestitures since January 1, 2012:

In December 2014, we completed the sale of 75 % of a U.S.$ 2.5 billion portfolio of U.S. special situation commercial real estate loans to a fund managed by the Texas Pacific Group. Deutsche Bank retains a 25 % stake in the portfolio and continues to originate and acquire new loans in the U.S. special situations commercial real estate market.

In June 2014, Markit Ltd., a provider of financial data and trade processing services, initiated its listing on NASDAQ Stock Market via a sale of shares from existing shareholders. As part of this listing, we sold 5.8 million of the 11.6 million shares (5.7 %) we held in Markit.

In June 2012, we completed the sale of DB Export Leasing GmbH to Interoute Communications Limited.

In March 2012, we completed the sale of our U.S. multi-family financing business (Deutsche Bank Berkshire Mortgage) to a group led by Lewis Ranieri and Wilbur L. Ross, in line with our desire to focus on our core business strengths in the U.S.

Products and Services

Within our Corporate Finance Business Division, our clients are offered mergers and acquisitions, equity and debt financing and general corporate finance advice. In addition, we provide a variety of financial services to the public sector.

The Markets Business Division is responsible for the sales, trading and structuring of a wide range of fixed income, equity, equity-linked, foreign exchange and commodities products. The division aims to deliver solutions for the investing, hedging and other needs of customers. As part of increasing the efficiency of the business, our Rates, Flow Credit and FX businesses now operate as an integrated business with a single management team. The Structured Finance business encompasses non-flow financing and structured risk for clients across all industries and asset classes.

All our trading activities are covered by our risk management procedures and controls which are described in detail in the Risk Report.

Distribution Channels and Marketing

In CB&S, the focus of our corporate and institutional coverage bankers and sales teams is on our client relationships. We have restructured our client coverage model so as to provide varying levels of standardized or dedicated services to our customers depending on their needs and level of complexity.