Staff numbers

Diverse, talented and motivated

In brief

  • Number of staff remains broadly stable
  • More women working in management
  • Changed compensation philosophy implemented

As one of the leading global universal banks, Deutsche Bank sees its staff as its main asset. The bank seeks to strengthen its position as an employer of choice and strives to create a culture that aligns risks and rewards, attracts and develops talented individuals, fosters teamwork and partnership, and is sensitive to the society in which it operates. To reach this goal, Deutsche Bank focuses on strategic human resource initiatives, among them diversity, leadership and talent management, recruiting and the redesign of reward structures.

In 2013, the number of (full-time) staff employed by Deutsche Bank Group increased marginally to 98,300 (2012: 98,200). Adjusted for businesses acquired and sold, the number of full-time equivalent staff decreased by 877. The regional structure of Deutsche Bank’s workforce changed only slightly. The percentage of the bank’s workforce employed in Germany stood at 47.2 % at the end of 2013 (2012: 47.1 %).

Staff numbers

Staff numbers (bar chart)

Regional deployment of staff

Regional deployment of staff (pie chart)

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