Strong demand for Deutsche Bank’s debt

€ 18.6 billion

in debt securities issued in 2013

Deutsche Bank enjoyed strong support from its debt investors, which allowed the bank to refinance at very attractive spreads. In 2013, Deutsche Bank issued € 18.6 billion at an average spread of 36 bps over the relevant floating index (for example, LIBOR) with an average tenor of 4.4 years. Thereof, € 5.6 billion were benchmark issuances, i.e. meeting certain minimum size requirements, and € 13.1 billion were raised via retail-targeted issuance and other private placements. Deutsche Bank’s issuance activities are well diversified across markets, instruments, currencies and investor type. As at the end of December 2013, in aggregate, 66 % of the bank’s total funding comes from the most stable funding sources, such as retail and transaction banking deposits, capital markets issuance as well as equity.

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