Creating Value for Our Stakeholders

Shareholders, clients, staff and society

Creating Value for Our Stakeholders

Creating value for our stakeholders (graphic)

Deutsche Bank aspires to become one of the world’s leading universal banks. The focus of our strategy is on top performance for our clients, operational efficiency and excellence, cost consciousness, a stronger capital base and fundamental cultural change. In 2013, Deutsche Bank made solid progress on its Strategy 2015+ objectives – in the interests of shareholders, clients, staff and society.


We aspire to create added value for our shareholders and are working on this in a challenging and demanding international environment. Our objective is to deliver strong earnings and dividends over the long term. In 2013, we strengthened our capital base and reached important settlements. Our platform reconfiguration is designed to leverage the strengths of our core businesses. As a result, the bank became leaner, safer and better balanced in 2013. In the interests of our stakeholders, we will maintain our focus on disciplined implementation of Strategy 2015+.


We want to generate value for our private and commercial clients by providing them with excellent products and the best possible advice. Our employees focus on finding and implementing outstanding solutions, while delivering our global expertise on a local level. We believe providing suitable instruments for the enormous variety of different needs of clients is at the heart of the banking business. In addition to quality, speed and close cooperation between our corporate divisions, innovation also plays a central role. In 2013, we expanded our offering for small and mid-sized companies in Germany.


Our nearly 100,000 employees in 71 countries ensure our business success. We are confident that our teams are among the most highly educated, productive and dedicated in the world. We seek to strengthen our position as an employer of choice. We are aware that since the financial crisis, the public has taken a critical view of banks’ compensation practices. In the context of cultural change, we examined and adapted our compensation systems. Furthermore, we understand cultural change to mean that each employee has a duty to act with absolute integrity towards clients, colleagues, shareholders and society.


Greater transparency concerning our business activities is important not only to society but to all our stakeholders. It helps the public in forming a considered opinion and shareholders in their investment decisions. In line with our stakeholders’ expectations and Deutsche Bank’s new values and beliefs, we intensified our efforts to make the banks’ business more sustainable, while integrating environmental and social due diligence into the approval process for all transactions and products. Deutsche Bank’s corporate citizenship activities address social challenges in many countries, with a special focus on Germany, and the bank also provides extensive support to the volunteer work of its employees.