Non-Current Assets Held for Sale

Individual non-current non-financial assets (and disposal groups) are classified as held for sale if they are available for immediate sale in their present condition subject only to the customary sales terms of such assets (and disposal groups) and their sale is considered highly probable. For a sale to be highly probable, management must be committed to a sales plan and actively looking for a buyer. Furthermore, the assets (and disposal groups) must be actively marketed at a reasonable sales price in relation to their current fair value and the sale should be expected to be completed within one year. Non-current non-financial assets (and disposal groups) which meet the criteria for held for sale classification are measured at the lower of their carrying amount and fair value less costs to sell and are presented within “Other assets” and “Other liabilities” in the balance sheet. The comparatives are not re-presented when non-current assets (and disposal groups) are classified as held for sale. If the disposal group contains financial instruments, no adjustment to their carrying amounts is permitted.