Stress Testing Concept and Quality Assurance

Our Operational Risk Management Stress Testing Concept

We conduct stress testing on a regular basis and separate from our AMA methodology to analyze the impact of extreme situations on our capital and the profit-and-loss account. In 2013, Operational Risk Management took part in all firm-wide stress test scenarios and assessed and contributed the Operational Risk impact to the various stress levels of the scenarios. The Operational Risk impact to stress test scenarios has been moderate and remained in the expected range in regards to capital, but intense for simulated low-frequency high-impact event hits that would be recorded on the Consolidated Statement of Income.

Our AMA Model Validation and Quality Assurance Review Concept

We independently validate all our AMA model components such as but not limited to scenario analysis, KRIs and Self Assessments, Expected Loss and internal loss data individually. The results of the validation exercise are summarized in validation reports and issues identified are followed up for resolution. This promotes enhancement of the methodologies. The validation activities performed in 2013 detected an area of improvement in our AMA model regarding the estimation of the loss frequency. This has already been addressed and led to an economic capital increase of € 191 million.

Quality Assurance Reviews are performed for the AMA components requiring data input provided by business divisions and result in capital impact. The AMA components data and documentation is challenged and compared across business divisions to help us maintain consistency and adequacy for any capital calculation.

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