Role of Corporate Insurance/Deukona

The definition of our insurance strategy and supporting insurance policy and guidelines is the responsibility of our specialized unit Corporate Insurance/Deukona (CI/D). CI/D is responsible for our global corporate insurance policy which is approved by our Management Board.

CI/D is responsible for acquiring insurance coverage and for negotiating contract terms and premiums. CI/D also has a role in the allocation of insurance premiums to the businesses. CI/D specialists assist in devising the method for reflecting insurance in the capital calculations and in arriving at parameters to reflect the regulatory requirements. They validate the settings of insurance parameters used in the AMA model and provide respective updates. CI/D is actively involved in industry efforts to reflect the effect of insurance in the results of the capital calculations.

We buy insurance in order to protect ourselves against unexpected and substantial unforeseeable losses. The identification, definition of magnitude and estimation procedures used are based on the recognized insurance terms of “common sense”, “state-of-the-art” and/or “benchmarking”. The maximum limit per insured risk takes into account the reliability of the insurer and a cost/benefit ratio, especially in cases in which the insurance market tries to reduce coverage by restricted/limited policy wordings and specific exclusions.

We maintain a number of captive insurance companies, both primary and re-insurance companies. However, insurance contracts provided are only considered in the modeling/calculation of insurance-related reductions of operational risk capital requirements where the risk is re-insured in the external insurance market.

The regulatory capital figure includes a deduction for insurance coverage amounting to € 522 million as of December 31, 2013 compared with € 474 million as of December 31, 2012. Currently, no other risk transfer techniques beyond insurance are recognized in the AMA model.

CI/D selects insurance partners in strict compliance with the regulatory requirements specified in the Solvency Regulations and the Operational Risks Experts Group recommendation on the recognition of insurance in advanced measurement approaches. The insurance portfolio, as well as CI/D activities, is audited by Group Audit on a risk-based approach.

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