Deutsche Bank People Survey and Cultural Assessment as Yardstick for Cultural Change

Understanding how our Employees Feel, Think and Act

For the past 13 years, Deutsche Bank has been conducting regular employee surveys to assess employee commitment to the bank and opinions on other aspects of working at the bank, such as corporate culture, leadership and strategy.

In October 2012, following the announcement of Strategy 2015+, employees were invited to take part in an extended People Survey, part of the most intensive culture exercise the bank has completed in recent years with over 3.8 million data points. More than 52,000 employees gave their view on the organization’s strengths and areas it should focus on. The results highlighted numerous areas of excellence in our current culture. Although we saw a decrease in the response rate as a result of the announced changes, the Commitment Index, which measures overall loyalty to the company, remained at high levels, increasing by 1 % from 2011 to 73 % in 2012.

Employee Commitment Index
Employee Commitment Index (bar chart)

With the launch of the new values and beliefs in July 2013, we took the opportunity to align our People Survey with these core operating principles. All employees will be invited to complete the enhanced People Survey in March 2014. In addition, in line with the values and beliefs, we aim to create an open environment for greater participation across the bank, to hear how our people feel, think and act. We started with the senior population. At the Senior Management Conference, participants took part in an open discussion forum on culture and in interactive feedback sessions on the values and beliefs. The Group Executive Committee (GEC) members subsequently led a series of discussions for their respective management teams to identify the behavioral aspects of the values and beliefs most relevant to their region, division or function.

All these senior leaders recognize and understand that they have responsibilities as culture carriers and play a part in building a strong working environment where all of our employees feel they have a voice. As an initial step, they made a personal commitment to communicating the values and beliefs to their teams and colleagues.

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