Diversity enables us to maximize team performance, foster innovation and strengthen partnership and collaboration within the bank and with our clients.

Deutsche Bank, along with the other DAX (German share index) companies, signed a voluntary commitment in 2011, undertaking to increase the proportion of female senior managers to 25 % (Managing Director and Director level) and the proportion of women with a corporate title to 35 % by the end of 2018, subject to applicable laws worldwide. We made further progress towards these targets and increased the proportion of female senior managers to 18.7 % in 2013 and the proportion of women with a corporate title to 31.1 %.

Currently, the Management Board and the GEC have no female members. However we have committed to increasing diversity within those management bodies. We are building a pipeline of senior talent to ensure greater female representation in our succession planning. We set about increasing that pipeline in two ways: through our award-winning ATLAS program (Accomplished Top Leaders Advancement Strategy) for female Managing Directors and our Women Global Leaders (WGL) program for female Directors at the INSEAD Business School. In 2013 the third cohort of women took part in the ATLAS program and a fourth cohort participated in WGL. Both programs have proven to be effective in increasing the number of women in managerial positions, with more than 50 % of the participants now in positions with new or greater responsibilities. Moreover, the attrition rate for WGL is far lower than that of Directors globally, which has led to more sustainable performance.

Through our “Women on Boards” initiative we intend to increase the ratio of women on the Supervisory Boards of our tier 1 to tier 3 subsidiaries and on the Regional Advisory Boards. Since the launch of the initiative in July 2011, we have increased the proportion of female members on these Supervisory Boards by 76 % and on the Regional Advisory Boards by 1.6 %.

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