Infrastructure and Regional Management

The infrastructure group consists of our centralized business support areas. These areas principally comprise control and service functions supporting our five corporate divisions.

This infrastructure group is organized to reflect the areas of responsibility of those Management Board members that are not in charge of a specific business line. The infrastructure group is organized into COO functions (i.e., global technology, global business services, global logistics services and group strategy, CFO functions (i.e., finance, tax, insurance and treasury), CRO functions (i.e., credit risk management and market risk management), CEO functions (i.e., communications & corporate social responsibility and Deutsche Bank Research) and HR, Legal & Compliance functions.

The Regional Management function covers regional responsibilities worldwide. It focuses on governance, franchise development and performance development. Regional and country heads and management committees are established in the regions to enhance client-focused product coordination across businesses and to ensure compliance with regulatory and control requirements, both from a local and Group perspective. In addition the Regional Management function represents regional interests at the Group level and enhances cross-regional coordination.

All expenses and revenues incurred within the Infrastructure and Regional Management areas are fully allocated to our five corporate divisions.

Significant Capital Expenditures and Divestitures

Information on each Corporate Division’s significant capital expenditures and divestitures has been included in the above descriptions of the Corporate Divisions.

Since January 1, 2013, there have been no public takeover offers by third parties with respect to our shares and we have not made any public takeover offers in respect of any other company’s shares.

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