Significant Transactions

Following the approval at the Annual General Meeting of Deutsche Postbank AG (“Postbank”) on June 5, 2012 and entry into the commercial register on June 20, 2012, a domination and profit and loss transfer agreement (“domination agreement”) between Postbank as dependent company and DB Finanz-Holding GmbH (a wholly-owned subsidiary of Deutsche Bank AG) as controlling company came into force in the second quarter 2012.

According to the domination agreement, the minority shareholders of Postbank are entitled to receive either a cash settlement of € 25.18 per Postbank share tendered by August 20, 2012 or a compensation payment for each full fiscal year of currently € 1.66 (after corporate income taxes, before individual income taxes on the level of the shareholder) per Postbank share.

In concluding the domination agreement in the second quarter 2012, the Group commenced to now fully attribute Postbank’s results to Deutsche Bank shareholders.

For further details, please refer to the section “Other Financial Information” of this Interim Report.

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Deutsche Bank Interim Report as of June 30, 2012