Supporting health, family and flexibility

The health and well-being of our employees around the world is of crucial importance to the bank. A wide variety of regional and local programs and initiatives are available to our staff, including an exclusive, service-oriented company health-insurance scheme in Germany. Moreover, we offer comprehensive support services to employees going through difficult professional or personal circumstances. We additionally foster the mental health of our employees by offering guidance on stress management with the help of online or traditional classroom-based training courses.

In many countries, Deutsche Bank offers onsite medical care or direct access to renowned hospitals and medical facilities. Preventive care is important to us. For example, we provide flu vaccinations, subsidies for health club memberships, company sports events and health fairs. While on business trips, our employees have comprehensive access to a full range of medical and emergency services from a world- leading global security and medical assistance provider.

In Germany, we are currently developing a new online health portal, where staff can find advice and information on our offers in the areas of health, work-life balance and nutrition.

A range of flexible working time arrangements are provided, enabling employees to work and manage their time more effectively. These include opportunities for teleworking in some locations and other options for mobile working arrangements. Where local circumstances allow, we support employees with their family commitments, especially childcare. Worldwide, we have established around 400 childcare places near employees’ places of work. Deutsche Bank also offers support for parents returning to work from parental leave.

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