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Annual Report 2012
Deutsche Bank Annual Report 2012
Staff numbers

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Staff numbers

In 2012, the number of staff employed on a full-time basis by Deutsche Bank Group declined by 2,777 to 98,219. Excluding businesses sold, the number of staff dropped by 2,611.

In Corporate Banking & Securities the total number of staff decreased by 1,390. This was primarily due to adjustments in capacity initiated to address the difficult market situation and restructuring measures launched in the third quarter. In Global Transaction Banking, the number of employees remained virtually unchanged from 2011. The number of staff in Asset and Wealth Management went down by 473. This was largely attributable to the process of combining the various business lines in this one division, but also to market developments. Total staff in Private & Business Clients declined by 1,073, mainly as a result of further progress made with the integration of Postbank. The number of staff in areas assigned to the Non-Core Operations Unit fell by 326. In our Infrastructure operations, staff numbers increased by 398, largely due to regulatory requirements and the continued expansion of our service centers.

The regional structure of Deutsche Bank’s workforce remained stable in 2012: The percentage of our workforce employed in Germany stood at 47.1 % in 2012 (2011: 46.9 %).

Staff numbers
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Regional deployment of staff
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