Investor Relations

Communications with our shareholders

In September 2012, we hosted an Investor Day event to introduce our new management team and Strategy 2015+. The two-day event encompassed presentations covering all business units as well as infrastructure functions, all of which were followed by a question and answer session with the respective Group Executive Committee members. The event in Frankfurt was attended by around 80 people, and viewed more than 8,700 times on the internet. The interest shown by investors and financial analysts in our share was high during 2012. Questions focused primarily on our capital base, cost development and how we are going to achieve our very ambitious targets. Management and the Investor Relations team regularly reported on these matters in telephone conferences as well as in individual and group meetings with investors and analysts. At events such as roadshows and broker conferences, we conducted more than 460 meetings (2011: over 400) with equity and debt investors in which members of the Management Board also participated. We also provided information on the bank’s results as well as on current developments in quarterly conference calls.

We continued to intensify our communications with investors who base their investment decisions on environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues. In light of their increasing importance we organized Corporate Responsibility roadshows specifically for this target group.

Enhancement of our mobile website

Private investors usually contact us via our toll-free shareholder hotline and via the internet. Our Investor Relations website provides numerous ways to quickly and comprehensively satisfy the demand for information. We publish all our announcements and financial reports on the internet without delay. Our online presence for mobile devices has been expanded and made more user-friendly. For many years now, we broadcast all major Investor Relations events, as well as the quarterly conference calls and speeches held at the Annual General Meeting, live on the internet. Shareholders have the possibility to register online to participate in our Annual General Meeting, and they can issue their voting instructions online in advance. The number of invitations to the Annual General Meeting sent by e-mail was around 51,700 in 2012 (2011: 40,900). Sending invitations by e-mail is convenient for the shareholder, helps to reduce costs and protects the environment. We aim to increase the number of e-mail invitations further.