Obligations to Purchase Common Shares

Forward purchases of Deutsche Bank shares, and written put options where Deutsche Bank shares are the underlying, are reported as obligations to purchase common shares if the number of shares is fixed and physical settlement for a fixed amount of cash is required. At inception the obligation is recorded at the present value of the settlement amount of the forward or option. For forward purchases and written put options of Deutsche Bank shares, a corresponding charge is made to shareholders’ equity and reported as equity classified as an obligation to purchase common shares.

The liabilities are accounted for on an accrual basis, and interest costs, which consist of time value of money and dividends, on the liability are reported as interest expense. Upon settlement of such forward purchases and written put options, the liability is extinguished and the charge to equity is reclassified to common shares in treasury.

Deutsche Bank common shares subject to such forward contracts are not considered to be outstanding for purposes of basic earnings per share calculations, but are for dilutive earnings per share calculations to the extent that they are, in fact, dilutive.

Put and call option contracts with Deutsche Bank shares as the underlying where the number of shares is fixed and physical settlement is required are not classified as derivatives. They are transactions in the Group’s equity. All other derivative contracts in which Deutsche Bank shares are the underlying are recorded as financial assets or liabilities at fair value through profit or loss.

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