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Annual Report 2012
Deutsche Bank Annual Report 2012
Senior Management Group

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Senior Management Group

Employee pyramid, Senior Management Group highlighted (graphic)

It is imperative that the senior management of any financial institution is collectively committed to building a long-term sustainable business. Compensation structures should reflect this and ensure the employees have a vested interest in the future performance of the firm.

As communicated during the Investor Day in September 2012, we have taken the decision to identify a population of our most senior employees. This population comprises 126 (119 excluding the Management Board) individuals and includes the Group Executive Committee and the most senior employees from each of our business divisions, Regional Management and Infrastructure functions. All of the employees identified are also Regulated Employees under the InstitutsVergV, however, we have voluntarily sought to identify this further subset of Regulated Employees in order to apply more stringent compensation provisions.

Restricted Equity Award

In order to further align the compensation of this population with the long-term sustainability of the Group, the decision has been taken to extend the collective deferral and retention period of the REA to five years. Providing the performance conditions are met, the full amount of shares will not be released to employees until the end of the five-year period (rather than on a pro-rata basis).

The awards are subject to the full list of clawback provisions as outlined in the overview of ex-post risk adjustment measures. If for any year during the five-year vesting period either the Group or the employee’s Divisional NIBT is negative, 20 % of the award will be forfeited in respect of that year.

It is our intention to give specific focus to the compensation arrangements of the most senior employees in the Group. In addition to lengthening the vesting period for REA, the cash cap in place ensures high deferral levels for this population. On average, the Senior Management Group is subject to Variable Compensation deferral levels in excess of 90 %. Both the deferral rate and five-year vesting period go beyond the typical industry standards and regulatory requirements. It is a voluntary decision by us and one that may prove to be challenging from a competitive standpoint, however we believe strongly that it supports and demonstrates the increasing alignment between compensation and long-term performance requirements.