Working environment

Return from parental leave

Return from parental leave (bar chart)

Attractive benefits

To further improve the reconciliation of a career and family life, we extended our childcare facilities and opened a new day nursery with 20 places in Frankfurt. The maternity leave provision was enhanced this year in Ireland, where Deutsche Bank raised the level of full pay from 18 to 26 weeks, and in the Channel Islands with an increase in the level of full pay from six to 18 weeks. Additionally, paid paternity leave was introduced in the UK, which covers a potential maximum period of six weeks.

Deutsche Bank won numerous awards in recognition of its family friendly initiatives. In the United States, it was voted “Top Employer for Working Families” and also received the “Best for Mothers Award” from Working Families, the UK’s leading work-life balance organization.

To consolidate our reputation as an employer of choice and to retain employees, we also offer many additional services. In 2011, Deutsche Bank and the Group Staff Council adopted an Operating Agreement to enable the best possible return to work for employees following a long-term illness and to prevent relapse.

With an enrolment rate of 54 % in Germany (excluding Postbank) and 37 % worldwide, the Global Share Purchase Plan launched in 2010 was well received by staff in the year under review. The number of participating countries increased to 36 by the end of 2011.

A culture of responsibility

The financial crisis has exposed weaknesses and triggered a call for change in banking. While wishing to be successful in this changed environment, Deutsche Bank has also set itself the aim of further developing its proven corporate culture to take new challenges into account. This involves, for example, inextricably linking the perception of the Deutsche Bank brand both within and outside the bank with responsible behavior. To achieve this, the bank and its staff conclude a kind of ideal contract which precisely describes what is required of both parties and what their responsibilities and benefits are. Moreover, we have undertaken in our Management Agenda to work towards a high performance culture more than ever before. To this end, we have formulated a number of basic fundamental principles which are applied across the bank both within people management and ongoing professional training: everyone knows what is expected of them. Everyone knows where they stand. And everyone knows we differentiate according to performance.

In 2011, as in the previous year, over 60,000 employees took part in the Group-wide DB People Survey. At 72 %, the commitment index, a measure of staff loyalty to the company, remained at one of the highest levels since the survey was launched in 1999.

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Deutsche Bank Annual Report 2011