Investor Relations

Active dialogue with capital market participants

Financial analysts’ and investors’ demand continued to be very high for information about Deutsche Bank as an investment. In light of the widespread uncertainty on the markets in 2011, questions focused primarily on the bank’s capital base as well as its liquidity and refinancing. There was also a great deal of interest in the business prospects of our individual corporate divisions. At a series of workshops, the Investor Relations team provided detailed information on current developments and future prospects as well as plans for the ongoing integration of Postbank. In telephone conferences, we regularly reported on the development of the quarterly and annual Group results. We conducted more than 400 individual or group discussions (2010: 398) with equity and debt investors, above all at events such as roadshows and broker conferences, which members of the Management Board also participated in. Furthermore, in 2011 we presented our two Group Divisions Corporate & Investment Bank (CIB) and Private Clients and Asset Management (PCAM) at two “investor days” held in London and Frankfurt am Main. Senior managers fielded questions and delivered answers at these events, which were broadcast in their entirety in the Internet. We intensified our increasingly important communications with investors who base their investment decisions on ecological, social and governance (ESG) issues.

Internet service improved

Through our toll-free shareholder hotline, we provide our private shareholders a convenient means of entering into dialogue with us, and they make active use of this, especially during phases of market turbulence. Our Investor Relations’ website provides numerous ways to quickly and comprehensively satisfy the demand for information. For some time now, we publish all of the company’s announcements and financial reports without delay in the Internet. We also hold live Internet broadcasts of our telephone conferences with analysts. Our annual and interim reports are presented online with a variety of interactive features developed especially for the Internet. We also enhanced the Investor Relations’ online presence to enable the use of mobile devices.

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Deutsche Bank Annual Report 2011