Central Infrastructure

Executive arm of the Group Management Board

The central infrastructure departments support the Management Board in performing its executive duties through their strategy, risk management and control functions. Most of the processes required for this are globally integrated into the business divisions, where our banking operations are located, but have their own independent reporting lines. This mode of operating is a key element of our organizational and leadership culture that has proven to be successful over many years.

The central infrastructure area comprises the Corporate Center departments Finance, Audit, Tax, Risk, Investor Relations, Communications & Corporate Social Responsibility, Human Resources, Group Strategy & Planning, Corporate Insurance and DB Research.

Increasing Core Tier 1 capital ratio

Increasing Core Tier 1 capital ratio (bar chart)

Regulatory requirements met

In 2011, staff in Finance as well as in Risk (previously: Legal, Risk & Capital) were very closely involved in assessing the impact of the many new regulatory requirements and aligning Deutsche Bank’s operations accordingly. Highly complex tasks often had to be handled in an extremely short span of time. Compliance completely revised the Code of Business Conduct for our employees and, with the support of our Risk Service Center in Berlin, implemented the Investor Protection Improvement Act. Our Treasury team ensured that by the end of 2011 Deutsche Bank had increased its liquidity reserves to a record € 219 billion. Despite the tense situation on the markets, we were able to draw on a broad range of refinancing sources. With our core Tier 1 capital ratio of 9.5 % as of December 31, 2011, we successfully exceeded the target of 9.0 % set by the European Banking Authority (EBA) ahead of the deadline of June 30, 2012.

Challenging communications

Our Communications division is entrusted with conveying a clear profile of Deutsche Bank to staff, clients and the general public. At a time when banks like ours are under particularly critical observation, this was in many ways a real challenge, one also faced by Investor Relations in our capital market communications.

Comprehensive advice

DB Research advised and supported management, the business divisions and our clients by providing independent analyses on a wide range of economic issues. Group Strategy & Planning supported the Management Board in the implementation of its management agenda and closely monitored our strategic acquisitions, sales and integration processes.

One of the primary aims of our Human Resources organization is to continue to position Deutsche Bank as an “employer of choice”. In 2011, we devoted special attention to reinvigorating our performance culture and increasing the ratio of women in senior management positions. The voluntary commitment we signed together with the other DAX companies in the reporting year is an important step towards ensuring equality opportunities for women in the workplace.

Key figures comparison

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Deutsche Bank Annual Report 2011