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Entrepreneurs for our shareholders, clients, staff and society

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Deutsche Bank demonstrated its entrepreneurial strength in 2011 as we successfully navigated through turbulent and challenging markets thanks to our clear business strategy, the trust of our clients as well as the expertise and dedication of our staff. This benefits our shareholders, clients and staff, and thus ultimately society in general.


Through our forward-looking corporate policy and, in particular, our strict risk discipline, we have handled the impact of the European sovereign debt crisis better than many of our competitors – without compromising on our independence. Our shareholders understand that strengthening our equity capital and liquidity is an absolute top priority and that there are no viable alternatives to this approach. We intend to meet the regulators’ more stringent requirements on our own. We are continuing the course we have set.


In the interests of our clients, we take great care to ensure that our capabilities and performance remain unimpaired even in times of great turbulence and uncertainty. Our aim is to be a global leader in financial services. This applies to all the business fields in which we operate. Thanks to this approach, we generate sustainable value for our clients, while avoiding business practices that could put the good reputation of Deutsche Bank at risk.


Our employees are the key to our success. The quality of their work forms the basis for performance and client trust. We continually invest in training and development for our staff as well as in increasing our attractiveness as an employer to win and retain the best talent. As a global company we consider the diversity of our employees to be a competitive advantage, as this allows us to respond very individually to different clients and their specific needs. Moreover, diversity is an important source of creativity and innovation.


Deutsche Bank sees itself as a “corporate citizen” with social responsibility in countries around the world. We want to live up to this responsibility through a management approach that also comprises a special focus on sustainability. We actively participate in the critical discussion on the principles of the financial sector and are working on resolving the identified problems. Through our system of corporate governance in accordance with national and international standards, we contribute to the creation of long-term value for society. Clients, staff and shareholders alike support our wide-ranging commitment to society. Excellent examples of how we put our sustainability objectives into practice are our “green” headquarters in Frankfurt am Main, Hong Kong and Mumbai, which meet the highest ecological standards.

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Deutsche Bank Annual Report 2011