Corporate Citizenship

Companies should invest in the societies in which they operate. The social capital that comes from this benefits everyone. In 2011, we dedicated € 83.1 million to educational initiatives and social projects, to art and music as well as to corporate volunteering activities.

Education: Enabling talent

Deutsche Bank is committed to promoting equality of opportunity around the world. A key focus of our support is on programs that help talented young people from disadvantaged backgrounds to prepare for a university education. In 2011, the “IntoUniversity” initiative in the United Kingdom was honored as “the best contribution to improving educational performance.” Deutsche Bank Foundation supports the initiative STUDIENKOMPASS, which provided support to around 1,400 young people in 2011 in Germany: 90 % of the participants plan to pursue a university degree. 15 Deutsche Bank employees volunteer as mentors in “Fair Talent”, a comprehensive long-term educational program that starts as early as at elementary and secondary school-level.

Social Investments: Creating opportunity

We leverage our global presence and develop innovative solutions that create new opportunities to help people put unemployment and poverty behind them. In the US, Deutsche Bank supports projects such as “Living Cities”, dedicated to the social and economic stabilization of communities with underdeveloped infrastructures. This commitment has been consistently honored as “outstanding” by the Federal Reserve Bank for the past 20 years. In the UK, we launched the Impact Investment Fund I, which invests in socially beneficial companies with commercially viable business models. As a leader in microfinance, we assist people to set up their own small businesses in developing and emerging market countries. And in the year under review, we gave 20,000 South African children a new chance in life.

Art and Music: Fostering creativity

More than 200,000 visitors in seven Latin American museums over a two-year period – these are the record-breaking numbers of the exhibition “Beuys and Beyond – Teaching as Art”, featuring works of art from the Deutsche Bank Collection. Another success was achieved with “Globe. For Frankfurt and the World”, a series of events took place with 70 international artists in spring 2011 to mark the opening of our modernized Group headquarters in Frankfurt am Main. The conceptual artist Roman Ondák was selected to be “Artist of the Year 2012” – his works will be presented in a solo exhibition in the Deutsche Guggenheim in Berlin.

The long-standing partnership between Deutsche Bank and the Berliner Philharmoniker enabled the orchestra’s innovative Digital Concert Hall that makes classical music accessible to people around the world. The season opening concert alone in 2011 was attended by an audience of 9,000 on And since 2002, more than 21,000 young people from all parts of society have taken part in the education programme of the Berliner Philharmoniker.

Employee Engagement: Pass on your passion

Deutsche Bank has encouraged its staff members to do volunteer work for more than 20 years. As mentors, as advisors to non-profit organizations or as volunteers in team challenges, they accept responsibility in society at a very personal level. 19 000 employees were corporate volunteers and supported almost 3 000 community partners in 2011 – this represents an increase from 21 % to 24 % of in just one year. In Germany, Hong Kong and Singapore this outstanding commitment was honored via various awards. The objective of “Pass on your passion”, a new initiative launched in 2011, is to inspire other people to make a difference through volunteering and thus build social capital.

Our “Corporate Social Responsibility Report 2011” provides additional information on how we implement our sustainability strategy as well as our corporate citizenship program.

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Deutsche Bank Annual Report 2011