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Annual Report 2011
Deutsche Bank Interim Report as of March 31, 2010

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Deutsche Bank Group

Our Organization

Headquartered in Frankfurt am Main, Germany, we are the largest bank in Germany, and one of the largest financial institutions in Europe and the world, as measured by total assets of € 2,164 billion as of December 31, 2011. As of that date, we employed 100,996 people on a full-time equivalent basis and operated in 72 countries out of 3,078 branches worldwide, of which 66 % were in Germany. We offer a wide variety of investment, financial and related products and services to private individuals, corporate entities and institutional clients around the world.

Group Divisions

We are organized into the Group Divisions Corporate & Investment Bank (CIB), Private Clients and Asset Management (PCAM) and Corporate Investments (CI).

Corporate & Investment Bank

In CIB, we carry out our capital markets business including our origination, sales and trading activities in debt, equity and other securities, as well as our advisory, credit and transaction banking businesses. CIB’s institutional clients are public sector clients like sovereign countries and multinational organizations, and private sector clients like medium-sized companies and multinational corporations.

CIB is further sub-divided into the Corporate Divisions Corporate Banking & Securities (CB&S) and Global Transaction Banking (GTB).

CB&S includes the Business Divisions Markets and Corporate Finance, which globally carry out our securities origination, sales and trading businesses, as well as our mergers and acquisitions advisory and corporate finance businesses.

GTB includes our product offerings in trade finance, cash management and trust & securities services for financial institutions and other companies.

Private Clients and Asset Management

PCAM is further sub-divided into the Corporate Divisions Asset and Wealth Management (AWM) and Private & Business Clients (PBC).

AWM consists of the Asset Management Business Division (AM) and the Private Wealth Management Business Division (PWM). AM provides retail clients across the globe with mutual fund products through our DWS franchise. It also offers institutional clients, including pension funds and insurance companies, a broad range of services from traditional to alternative investment products. On November 22, 2011, we announced that we will be reviewing our global Asset Management division. The strategic review is part of our continual effort to maintain an optimal business mix and be among the market leaders in each of our businesses. The strategic review is focusing in particular on the impact of recent regulatory changes on our division and its growth prospects. This also includes analyses of changes in the cost structure and changes in the competitive landscape associated with aforementioned regulatory changes. The review covers all of the Asset Management division globally except for the DWS franchise in Germany, Europe and Asia, which we have already determined is a core part of our retail offering in those markets. PWM offers its products globally to high-net-worth clients and ultra-high-net-worth individuals, their families and selected institutions. PWM offers its demanding clients an integrated approach to wealth management, including succession planning and philanthropic advisory services.

PBC offers retail clients as well as small and medium sized business customers a variety of products including accounts, loan and deposit services as well as investment advice. In our German homemarket, we strengthened our leading market position through the acquisition of Postbank. Besides Germany, PBC has operated for a long time in Italy, Spain, Belgium and Portugal, and for several years in Poland. Furthermore, we make focused investments in emerging markets in Asia, for instance in China and India.

Corporate Investments

The CI Group Division manages our global principal investment activities.