Special Purpose Entities

We engage in various business activities with certain entities, referred to as special purpose entities (“SPEs”), which are designed to achieve a specific business purpose. The principal uses of SPEs are to provide clients with access to specific portfolios of assets and risk and to provide market liquidity for clients through securitizing financial assets. SPEs may be established as corporations, trusts or partnerships.

In limited situations we consolidate some SPEs for both financial reporting and German regulatory purposes. However, in all other cases we hold regulatory capital, as appropriate, against SPE-related transactions and related exposures, such as derivative transactions and lending-related commitments and guarantees. To date, our exposures to nonconsolidated SPEs have not had a material impact on our debt covenants, capital ratios, credit ratings or dividends.

This section contains information about movements in total assets of SPEs that are consolidated on our balance sheet as well as movements on total exposures to SPEs that are not consolidated. This section should be read in conjunction with the Management Report, section “Special Purpose Entities”, and Note [1] of our Financial Report 2009.

Service Functions

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