Declaration of Backing1

Deutsche Bank AG ensures, except in the case of political risk, that the following companies are able to meet their contractual liabilities:

DB Investments (GB) Limited, London

Deutsche Asset Management International GmbH, Frankfurt am Main

Deutsche Asset Management Investmentgesellschaft mbH, vormals DEGEF Deutsche Gesellschaft für Fondsverwaltung mbH, Frankfurt am Main

Deutsche Australia Limited, Sydney

Deutsche Bank A.Ş., Istanbul

Deutsche Bank Americas Holding Corp., Wilmington

Deutsche Bank (China) Co., Ltd., Beijing

Deutsche Bank Europe GmbH, Frankfurt am Main

Deutsche Bank Luxembourg S.A., Luxembourg

Deutsche Bank (Malaysia) Berhad, Kuala Lumpur

Deutsche Bank Polska S.A., Warsaw

Deutsche Bank (Portugal), S.A., Lisbon

Deutsche Bank ZRt., Budapest

Deutsche Bank S.A., Buenos Aires

Deutsche Bank S.A. – Banco Alemão, Sao Paulo

Deutsche Bank S.A./N.V., Brussels

Deutsche Bank, Sociedad Anónima Española, Barcelona

Deutsche Bank Società per Azioni, Milan

Deutsche Bank (Suisse) S.A., Geneva

Deutsche Bank Trust Company Americas, New York

Deutsche Futures Singapore Pte Ltd., Singapore

Deutsche Holdings (Malta) Ltd., St. Julians

Deutsche Morgan Grenfell Group plc, London

Deutsche Securities Asia Limited, Hong Kong

Deutsche Securities Limited, Hong Kong

DWS Holding & Service GmbH, Frankfurt am Main

DWS Investment GmbH, Frankfurt am Main

DWS Investment S.A., Luxembourg

IFN Finance B.V., Rotterdam

VAT Deutsche Bank DBU, Kiev

OOO Deutsche Bank, Moscow

1 Companies with which a profit and loss transfer agreement exists are marked in Note 42 “Shareholdings”.

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