Staff numbers

Staff numbers

Staff numbers (bar chart)

The number of (full-time) staff employed by Deutsche Bank Group rose in 2010 by 25,009 to 102,062. This increase was mainly due to two acquisitions in Germany. After adjustment for the net effect of these consolidations and a number of resales, the headcount grew only slightly by 222 employees.

In our Corporate & Investment Bank Group Division, staff numbers rose by 1,752 in 2010 (+12 %). This can mostly be linked to the purchase of parts of ABN AMRO’s commercial banking activities in the Netherlands. In Private Clients and Asset Management, the number of staff grew by 72 % from 30,611 to 52,584. This increase is primarily attributable to the first-time consolidation of Postbank with 20,361 employees. Deutsche Bank gained another 3,675 staff members through the acquisition of Sal. Oppenheim Group.

We have expanded our established service centres, especially in India, the Philippines, the UK and the USA. Staff numbers in these service centres increased by approximately 1,200 in 2010. The headcount in the other infrastructure areas remained – on balance – unchanged from 2009.

Changed personnel structure

Deutsche Bank’s regional personnel structure has seen a marked shift as a result of the acquisitions: The percentage of staff working in Germany rose from 35.5 % (2009) to 48.3 %.

Securing the next generation of staff continues to be one of our priorities. In 2010, we hired 634 apprentices, increasing the total number to 1,437 at the end of 2010 (figures exclude Postbank). During this period, 721 university graduates joined the bank (excluding Postbank). For a number of years now, we have been offering interns with high potential a compact development program enabling them to gain practical insight to selected business areas through lectures and workshops. In 2010, over 600 students from around the world took part in this summer internship program.

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