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In 2010 Deutsche Bank carried out major strategic investments and demonstrated its ability to generate strong earnings and growth. These achievements are the result of an excellent position in the markets, an astute business policy and a stable corporate structure borne by the talents of its diverse staff. This benefits our shareholders, clients, staff and society.


It is in our shareholders’ best interests to continue to reduce risk-weighted assets and to strengthen our capital base. Our targeted acquisitions contribute to stabilizing and balancing our earning power. As Deutsche Bank came through the financial crisis in better shape than many of its competitors, it can benefit from the economic upturn directly. And that benefits our shareholders too. This also applies to our commitment to creating an efficient regulatory framework, which will make the financial system more resilient, while avoiding competitive distortions and unnecessary social costs.


For our clients, we are a reliable partner with a full range of financial solutions suited to their individual needs. The streamlining and accelerated integration of our Corporate & Investment Bank Group Division translate into a higher quality of service and an enhanced product range. With our internationally competitive business model, we can assist our clients in building their success. And as a result of the expansion of the retail business, we are now in a position to offer a suitable range of products and services for all of our client groups in Germany.


Deutsche Bank’s success is primarily thanks to its staff members, who bring their passion to perform and expertise to furthering the company’s interests. We see the diversity of our employees as an asset both in our internal interactions as well as in our external relationships with our clients. We invest heavily in the professional and personal skills of our staff. Our performance-based remuneration structures are aligned to our long-term success and take account of recent lessons learned from the financial crisis.


We take the loss of confidence that numerous banks have experienced since the start of the financial crisis seriously. As one of the initiators and first signatories, Deutsche Bank committed itself to the “Code for Responsible Business Conduct” in 2010. By doing so, we intend to integrate social responsibility more decisively in our business policies and the underlying processes and to take these into account in all aspects of our decision-making. We recognize our responsibility to society. This is something upon which the community can rely. We are aware that we cannot continue to do business successfully in the long run without the acceptance of the society of which Deutsche Bank is a part.

Statements relating to Deutsche Bank‘s competitive position, market share or ranking are based essentially on external sources, including industry publications (e.g. Euromoney, etc.) and specialist information providers (e.g. Thomson Reuters, Dealogic, etc.).

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