Risk and Capital Strategy

The risk and capital strategy is developed annually through an integrated process, led by the Legal, Risk & Capital function together with the group divisions and the Finance function, ensuring Group-wide alignment of risk and performance targets. The strategy is ultimately presented to, and approved by, the Management Board. Subsequently, this plan is also presented to, and discussed with, the Risk Committee of the Supervisory Board.

Our risk appetite is set for various parameters and different levels of the Group. Performance against these targets is monitored regularly and a report on selected important and high-level targets is brought to the direct attention of the Chief Risk Officer, the Capital and Risk Committee and/or the Management Board. In case of a significant deviation from the targets, it is the responsibility of the divisional legal, risk & capital units to bring this to the attention of their superiors and ultimately the Chief Risk Officer if no immediate mitigation or future mitigation strategy can be achieved on a subordinated level.

Amendments to the risk and capital strategy must be approved by the Chief Risk Officer or the full Management Board, depending on significance.

At Postbank, similar fundamental principles are in place with Postbank’s Management Board being responsible for Postbank’s risk profile and risk strategy, and regularly reporting thereon to the Supervisory Board of Postbank. Starting in 2011, Postbank’s capital demand is reflected in the consolidated Group’s risk and capital strategy.

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