Market Risk

The vast majority of our businesses are subject to market risk, defined as the potential for change in the market value of our trading and investing positions. Risk can arise from adverse changes in interest rates, credit spreads, foreign exchange rates, equity prices, commodity prices and other relevant parameters, such as market volatility.

Market risk arising from Postbank has been included in the 2010 information and where possible our own risk methodology framework has been applied. Deutsche Bank, however, does not manage any market risk aspect of Postbank.

The primary objective of Market Risk Management is to ensure that our business units optimize the risk-reward relationship and do not expose the Bank to unacceptable losses outside of our risk appetite. To achieve this objective, Market Risk Management works closely together with risk takers (the business units) and other control and support groups. This is restricted to the Deutsche Bank Group excluding Postbank.

We differentiate between two substantially different types of market risk:

  • Trading market risk arises primarily through the market-making activities of the Corporate & Investment Bank division. This involves taking positions in debt, equity, foreign exchange, other securities and commodities as well as in equivalent derivatives.
  • Nontrading market risk in various forms: Equity risk arises primarily from non-consolidated strategic investments in the Corporate Investment portfolio, alternative asset investments and equity compensation. Interest rate risk stems from our nontrading asset and liability positions. Other nontrading market risk elements are risks arising from asset management and fund related activities as well as model risks in PBC, GTB and PWM, which are derived by stressing assumptions of client behavior in combination with interest rate movements. Postbank categorizes risk from modeling deposits as business risk and risk from its building society BHW as collective risk whereas in Deutsche Bank Group excluding Postbank these risks are part of nontrading market risk.


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