Related Party Transactions

We have business relationships with a number of the companies in which we own significant equity interests. We also have business relationships with a number of companies where members of our Management Board also hold positions on boards of directors. Our business relationships with these companies cover many of the financial services we provide to our clients generally.

We believe that we conduct all of our business with these companies on terms equivalent to those that would exist if we did not have equity holdings in them or management members in common, and that we have conducted business with these companies on that basis in 2006 and prior years. None of these transactions is or was material to us.

Among our business with related party companies in 2006 there have been and currently are loans, guarantees and commitments. All of these lending-related credit exposures (excluding derivatives), which totaled € 3.6 billion (including loans of € 0.9 billion) as of January 31, 2007,

  • were made in the ordinary course of business,
  • were made on substantially the same terms, including interest rates and collateral, as those prevailing at the time for comparable transactions with other persons, and
  • did not involve more than the normal risk of collectibility or present other unfavorable features.

We have not conducted material business with parties that fall outside of the definition of related parties, but with whom we or our related parties have a relationship that enables the parties to negotiate terms of material transactions that may not be available from other, more clearly independent, parties on an arm’s-length basis.


EUROHYPO AG (“EUROHYPO”) resulted from a merger of our mortgage bank subsidiary EUROHYPO Europäische Hypothekenbank der Deutschen Bank AG with the mortgage bank subsidiaries of Dresdner Bank AG and Commerzbank AG in 2002. Subsequently, our German commercial real estate financing division, Dresdner Bank AG’s U.S.-based real estate investment banking team, and part of our London-based real estate business were transferred to EUROHYPO. After these transactions, we owned 37.72 % of the outstanding share capital of EUROHYPO. In November 2005, we entered into a sale and purchase agreement to sell our entire 37.72 % stake in EUROHYPO to Commerzbank AG for a total consideration of € 2.6 billion. In December 2005, the first tranche of this transaction with a total value of € 0.7 billion was completed, reducing our stake to 27.99 %. The remaining tranche of the transaction was transferred in the first quarter of 2006.

We, Commerzbank AG and Dresdner Bank AG each granted EUROHYPO financial guarantees to protect EUROHYPO against losses resulting from loans each contributed to the new entity up to a fixed maximum amount for the period until December 31, 2006. The maximum amount of the financial guarantees of Commerzbank AG and Dresdner Bank AG were utilized by the end of 2003. By the end of 2005, EUROHYPO had made claims in respect of the full amount of our financial guarantee, which had an initial maximum amount of € 283 million. In connection with the sale of our stake in EUROHYPO to Commerzbank AG, we settled the guarantee by full payment to EUROHYPO, at the same time reserving some rights in respect of this payment against Commerzbank AG.

Prior to its disposition, we accounted for our investment in EUROHYPO under the equity method and as such recognized in our income statement our proportional share of the after-tax earnings or losses of EUROHYPO as reported applying U.S. GAAP.

We continue to provide EUROHYPO with loans and credit lines. Total loans and credit lines as of December 31, 2006 were € 795 million, of which € 793 million were utilized at that date.

Furthermore, we held fixed income securities issued by EUROHYPO, classified as securities available for sale, in the amount of € 311 million as of December 31, 2006.

Xchanging etb GmbH

We hold a stake of 44 % in Xchanging etb GmbH and account for it under the equity method. Xchanging etb GmbH is the holding company of Xchanging Transaction Bank GmbH (“XTB”), our former subsidiary european transaction bank GmbH, which is a provider of security settlement services. Of the remaining capital, 51 % is owned by Xchanging HoldCo No 3 Ltd (UK), a 100 % subsidiary of Xchanging B.V. (NL) (“Xchanging”), which has management control over and full operational responsibility for XTB, while 5 % is held by one of the larger clients of XTB. Two of the five executive directors of Xchanging etb GmbH and one member of the supervisory board of XTB are employed by us.

Our arrangements reached with Xchanging in 2004 include a 12-year outsourcing agreement with XTB for security settlement services and are aimed at reducing our costs without compromising service quality. In 2006, we received services from XTB with a volume of € 100 million and provided supply services (e.g. IT and real estate-related services) with a volume of € 35 million to XTB.


In 2005, grundbesitz-invest (“Grundbesitz”), an open-end property fund sponsored and managed by a subsidiary of ours, temporarily suspended the issuance and redemption of its share units pending an extraordinary revaluation of its real estate assets. Grundbesitz re-opened for issuance and redemption on March 3, 2006. We committed to support Grundbesitz’s liquidity upon its re-opening by various means. In 2005, we recorded a provision of € 203 million representing the estimated direct and indirect costs of compensation to certain fund share unit holders. In December 2006, the fund manager sold a major portion of Grundbesitz’s German real estate portfolio to Eurocastle, and Grundbesitz has realized significant book gains for its investors on such sale. As a result and as of the date hereof, we do not expect to have any further material risk from our prior commitments made in relation to Grundbesitz. In 2006, we released € 111 million of the provision mentioned above.

Related Party Nonaccrual Loans

Aside from our other shareholdings, we hold acquired equity interests in some of our clients arising from our efforts to protect our then-outstanding lending exposures to them.

The table below shows information on loans to related party companies that we have classified as nonaccrual as of December 31, 2006. As such, these nonaccrual loans may exhibit more than normal risk of collectibility or present other unfavorable features. The amounts outstanding disclosed for January 31, 2007 aggregate to € 39 million, down € 3 million or 7 % from January 31, 2006. Our participating interests in customer A is 10 % or more of its voting rights. We hold a significant portion of the outstanding equity interests in customers B and C noted below and account for these equity interests in our financial statements using the equity method of accounting (as described in Note [1] to the consolidated financial statements). We hold Radio Movil Digital Americas, Inc. as an unconsolidated subsidiary.

in € m.

Amount outstanding as of January 31, 2007

Largest amount outstanding January 1, 2006 to January 31, 2007

Nature of the loan and transaction in which incurred

Customer A



Comprising a € 21 million real estate finance loan bearing interest at 6.27 % per annum and guarantees which were honored after the company filed for liquidation bearing no interest. The loan is payable on demand and interest accrual has been stopped.

Customer B



Long term refinancing of non-recourse lease, bearing interest at 6.9 % per annum, maturing June 2019, for which interest accrual has been stopped.

Customer C



Lease refinancing of movable property bearing interest at 2.25 % per annum for which interest accrual has been stopped.

Radio Movil Digital Americas, Inc.



Cash loan payable on demand, bearing interest at 12 % per annum, for which interest accrual has been stopped.

We have not disclosed the names of the customers referred to by letters above because we have concluded that such disclosure would conflict with applicable privacy laws, such as customer confidentiality and data protection laws, and such customers have not waived application of these privacy laws. Auditing and Controlling