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Based on agreements reached in May 2004, we transferred our stake in etb to Xchanging etb GmbH (formerly Zweite Xchanging GmbH), which is located in Germany, and received in turn a 49% nonvoting capital stake in Xchanging etb GmbH. The remaining 51% is owned by Xchanging HoldCo No 3 Ltd (UK), a 100% subsidiary of Xchanging B.V. (NL) (‘Xchanging’). Founded in 1998, Xchanging is an internationally positioned business process outsourcer and back office services provider, with locations in UK, France, Germany, the United States and Asia. etb is in general a provider for security settlement services we founded in 1999. The change of control was realized at May 31/June 1, 2004 when Xchanging took over management control and full operational responsibility for etb.

One of the four executive directors of Xchanging etb GmbH is an employee of Deutsche Bank Group (a supervisory board does not yet exist at Xchanging etb GmbH). Additionally, one member of the supervisory board of etb is an employee of ours. Furthermore, two members of the management board of etb were members of the management board of etb prior to the change of control when it was our wholly-owned subsidiary.

The arrangements with etb (under the control of Xchanging) include a 12-year service agreement. This agreement is aimed to reduce our costs for the agreed security settlement services while maintaining control over services provided as well as the desired quality and performance. It also ensures significant investments of Xchanging in order to enhance processes and etb’s service delivery platform for additional new clients. In return for the services received, we provide services such as human resource, controlling, audit and corporate security to etb, as we did before the transfer. The volume of services received from etb in 2004 amounted to € 130 million while the volume of services provided to etb in 2004 amounted to € 43 million. We account for our investment in Xchanging etb GmbH under the equity method. Currently the Group intends to sell a 5% stake in Xchanging etb GmbH to a client of etb, who uses their services to a larger extent.

Service Functions
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